Adult ADHD Research

The Adult ADHD Treatment Research Project mission is to improve the quality of treatment for adults with ADD/ADHD everywhere. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder effects nearly 5% of the adult population. Unfortunately, the treatments used to address Adult ADHD vary greatly.

Our first goal is to collect as much qualitative data as we can about treatment experiences. We hope to use this data as somewhat of a barometer to understand how adults with ADD/ADHD are being treated and by whom. We are interested in gathering input from people both domestically (U.S.) and internationally.

However, we will never reach our goal without your help!

Please share the project and survey with as many adults with ADD/ADHD as you can. 

At the end of the survey period, we will make the results public and begin to help shape the quality of treatment for adults with ADD/ADHD.

Thank you for your time and help with this important project.

  • Photo of Phil Boissiere, MFT

    Phil Boissiere, MFT-Adult ADHD Treatment Expert

  • Through his experience in private practice, academic settings, and as the Co-Founder of Elite Focus Clinic, Phil has become acutely aware that treatment approaches used in his clients previous treatment settings vary greatly. Phil believes that clinicians who treat Adult ADHD must adhere to evidence based practices in order for effective and ethical treatment to happen. His enthusiasm and advocacy for the ethical treatment of all people with ADD/ADHD is the driving force behind the Adult ADHD Treatment Research Project.

    You can learn more about Phil at

  • Photo of Michelle Hamdani

    Michelle Hamdani, M.Ed.-Lead Research Assistant

  • Michelle brings her research experience in the the field of Oncology and her experience and training in education to the Adult ADHD Treatment Research Project. In addition to research review and statistical analysis, Michelle also aids in the development of professional research outreach and collaborations.